Maurice Rahme

Robotics Engineer

The below projects are my own and not affiliated with Boston Dynamics.

Spot Mini Mini

Quadruped Locomotion, Bezier Gait, Reinforcement Learning

Developed Pybullet Spot Environment and deployed 12-point Bezier-curve gait as baseline for RL task. Validated on real robot designed and built for under $600.

Motion Planning in C++

C++, ROS, Motion Planning, Trajectory Optimization

Co-delivered a motion planning course in C++/ROS which covered PRM, D* Lite, Potential Fields, and MPPI among other methods.

One Small Step For PLEN

Reinforcement Learning, Pytorch, Pybullet, ROS, IK

Used TD3 Reinforcement Learning to teach an open-source bipedal robot to walk in Pybullet, and attempted a sim-to-real experiment and manual-trajectory walk.

EKF SLAM On Turtlebot3

C++, Transforms, ROS, Gazebo, SLAM

Modeled Turtlebot3 Kinematics using 2D Lie Groups and simulated interface with Gazebo Plugin. Performed EKF SLAM with Unknown Data Association using ground truth and LIDAR with feature detection.

Baxter Plays Checkers

ROS, MoveIt, OpenCV, AI

Programmed a Baxter robot to play a full game of checkers against a human opponent. This project placed 1st in the judged competition between 6 teams!

Navigation & Localization

Path Planning, AI, Filters

My implementation of an RRT algorithm, an A* algorithm, and a Particle Filter.

Laser Communication

Mechatronics, Optics, Computer Vision, Control, LabVIEW

Pointing and Tracking Device for Bidirectional Laser Communication (PATBLC MKI). Supports Dr. Aristides Kiprakis' SquidROV by granting it submerged wireless communication. Awarded 'Best BEng Thesis' for the class of 2019.

Controlled Levitation

Nonlinear Control, Electromagnetics, Optics

Final year group project at The University of Edinburgh, where we sought to levitate a steel ball using an electromagnet.